Q | why soy wax, and why coconut oil?

You might have noticed soy wax taking the candle world by storm lately, and the reason for this is that it burns more cleanly, ethically and naturally than traditional paraffin wax- which is, in fact, a bi-product of petrol- eek! We blend this clean wax with silky coconut oil to give our candles something a little different- it helps them burn more evenly and last longer, throwing the scent even further than before. You may notice that your little pot of joy has a lower melting temperature than what you’re used to, which will make it melt faster, too; fear not, the coconut oil is long lasting, and the puddle of sweet fragrance will re-solidify and be there the next time you burn for more fragrance delight- magic!

Q | lead free wick? What the heck?

Seriously, right?! Many candles used to (and some still do!) have wicks that contained a lead centre to ensure that they stay upright while making and burning the candle. After a lot of testing and trials by science-y people probably much smarter than us, we’re thrilled to be able to achieve the exact same effects using 100% cotton wicks: no health dangers here. 

Q | If I order today, how long will I be waiting for my goodies?

We make our candles small-batch; that means a few at a time. If we’re putting together your order from scratch you can expect it within 10 business days (AUS) or 15 (OVERSEAS). It might be a little sooner than that, but we’d prefer to worst-case-scenario it to make sure you’re covered. (Honestly though, outside of peak seasons ((like Christmas and Mother's Day)), most of the time it’s about 3-5 business days!) 

Q | i like to touch and smell before I buy- can i purchase these products in person?

Absolutely! Currently, Chloe Jane Candle Co products are available at a eleven exclusive boutiques around Adelaide, and a couple interstate- visit the stockists page for more info. If these options don't suit your needs, you can email  hello@chloejanecandleco.com.au  to seek out an alternative. 

Q | i have a business and i can see your stuff on our shelves- do you cater for wholesale orders?

We adore wholesale orders, and with the demand that we receive from our customers for stockists in their area and the volume of online orders we know that our stockists, and their customers, do too. We offer some seriously competitive wholesale prices, which allow for generous mark-ups on your end- we know how important it is to cover your overheads. Please send through an email to hello@chloejanecandleco.com.au with some details about your business and we'll arrange having our wholesaler's kit sent out to you.

Q | i have another question for you- is there some way i can ask?

Just head over to the contact  page and ask us anything you please- we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.